Bertolini pump Mini Poly 2020 + Briggs and Stratton 550 engine + 10 m rubber hose + spray lance- FREE PORT IN UK


Metal frame using specialist resistant materials
120 l polyethylene tank – 2 pneumatic wheels
Equipped with Bertolini Mini Poly 2025 pump and Briggs and Stratton 550 engine
Pressure 20 bars – flow rate 27 l/min
Resistant to acid and aggressive products (see list of compatible chemicals)
Assembled with suction filter and pressure controls system allowing unused liquid to return to tank
For general or professional use – ideal for applying insecticides and herbicides
Supplied fully-assembled
Trolley power sprayer on wheels
CE - Made in Italy


Acetic acid 20% GOOD
Hydrochloric acid GOOD
Hydrofluoric acid max 20% EXCELLENT
Phosphoric acid >40% EXCELLENT
Nitric acid max 20% EXCELLENT
Sulphuric acid max 30% EXCELLENT

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